So I told you about Swagbucks earlier, and they really are super great, and here is why.......

I mentioned that you get points or "bucks" from doing surveys, completing offers, shopping, etc.  One offer I found this evening was to purchase a gift from Personal Creations.  Upon ordering something I was to receive 850 Swagbucks.

So I went and looked over the Personal Creations site, and this is solely my opinion I am not an affiliate of any sort, but they have some awesome stuff and at really affordable prices. 

I found a super cute gift that I felt would be great for some friends of mine expecting their first child and continued to place my order. 

Long story short, I found a wonderfully affordable, cute, personalized gift, AND got a TON of Swagbucks, which put me in a place with the couple hundred I had for another $10 in Amazon gift cards.   That's what I call Win Win !!!

PS  SwagBucks have way more than Amazon Gift cards to redeem your points for, that's just my go to because I use Amazon so much.

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