If you've read the "start here" page you have an idea of what I'll be doing on this "journey" I keep mentioning. And getting this blog set up, and FINALLY writing a post that I will be able to publish when I am done was one of my first goals.  I wanted to have this public forum to keep a record of things I would need to do to accomplish my dream of starting the non profit organization I'd thought about constantly for the past nearly 10 years.  Also, a place to keep record of things I need and want to change in my life to better things for me and my family, and some of those things spill over into the greater goal.

So, I realize this is going to be a short post, but hey, I did it, and I feel good about it.  It had to start somewhere and sometime so why not now.

To attempt to build new habits, and figure out a format for setting goals and keeping track I am going to list just a few of my smaller tasks that I have for tomorrow. Start small, I've learned, I am the type of person that can get overwhelmed quickly if things are chaotic and give up at times. I don't want to repeat that. 

My to-do-list for tomorrow::
    -Concerning home and family:    1: catch the house cleaning up
                                                           2: spend some much needed, peaceful, fun                                                                 time with my kids.
                                                            3: work out a schedule to encompass                                                                     home, school, internet endeavors, and                                                                 sleep most importantly.

                                                            4: Check on the dates and assignments of                                                              my upcoming elective online courses.
                                                            5: Call my school and make a plan to                                                                     hopefully get all required paperwork in to                                                              start this semester.
                                                             6: Pick one of my free kindle books I                                                                    downloaded ages ago and begin reading                                                          for pleasure, (I miss reading for pleasure)
-Concerning steps for the organization:
                                                        To be honest getting this and all the social networking sites I have thus far I feel like I need to now do some research into the step by step process of beginning an organization such as this. I know I will need a business model, mission statement, board members; oh there's a lot.  and the thing is I don't know how to do those things necesssarly, and I certainly don't now the step by step process to take.  So for the next little bit I will be researching the process, and if I feel like I can effectively put some of those things together now I will.  I may find I need some more skill sets and knowledge, which is why I'm returning to college to finish. Changing majors, but I haven't been in school for 8 years or so now so the change of majors is not really a shocker. Especially since when I went straight out of high school I had no clue what I wanted to do the rest of my life.  Now I do, so I'm already better suited to take on school. 

Well, in writing it doesn't seem like much of an undertaking, but add in 2 kiddos, and a ME that gets distracted easily in research or reading, and that is a pretty full to-do-list.

Do you write to-do-lists daily or weekly.  Or are you better suited to keep tasks in your mind and be flexible? 


I'd love to hear from readers :)

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