So I told you about Swagbucks earlier, and they really are super great, and here is why.......

I mentioned that you get points or "bucks" from doing surveys, completing offers, shopping, etc.  One offer I found this evening was to purchase a gift from Personal Creations.  Upon ordering something I was to receive 850 Swagbucks.

So I went and looked over the Personal Creations site, and this is solely my opinion I am not an affiliate of any sort, but they have some awesome stuff and at really affordable prices. 

I found a super cute gift that I felt would be great for some friends of mine expecting their first child and continued to place my order. 

Long story short, I found a wonderfully affordable, cute, personalized gift, AND got a TON of Swagbucks, which put me in a place with the couple hundred I had for another $10 in Amazon gift cards.   That's what I call Win Win !!!

PS  SwagBucks have way more than Amazon Gift cards to redeem your points for, that's just my go to because I use Amazon so much.
I haven't decided yet if I want to make this a series with several posts or not, as this is something I have tried (and not exactly mastered) for a couple of years. BUT, I do think I have at least sorted out the tactics that DO NOT work for sure.  Eh, we will see if I can come up with a series or not, but today I just wanted to mention one site I use that works for sure, is easy, and I enjoy.

SwagBucks is one of those sites where you complete offers, surveys, play games, search etc.  I have heard of many, and tried several actually but SwagBucks keeps me coming back.  Now , I haven't made millions, nor am I rich from using this site. And I definitely couldn't live off what I have gotten from the site.  However, when it comes to holiday shopping, or saving for something its great.

So , I primarily use mine to rack up points to redeem for Amazon gift cards because, well we all know I love Amazon, what can I say.  But in less than a month I made enough SwagBucks to redeem for $15 in Amazon gift cards.  Not a ton I know, but I have read of people making as much as $80-$100 a month on the site.  It just depends on how much time you have to spend, and how much you use it. 

If I could remember to always use the site to search for instance, or take the daily poll, put videos on in the background as doing other things, etc I could wrack up a lot more.  But I am happy with the earning curve I have for now, and SUPER happy for my gift cards.  Yay online shopping !!! Try SwagBucks out yourself :)

Do you know of any sure fire earning sites? If so share here :)
All of these Amazon Kindle eBooks are free at the moment, so browse through the ones I have here, the list is pretty eclectic, although I'll admit I'm not much into fiction or romance currently.  If you don't see anything that strikes your fancy here, head on over to the Kindle store (link below), they have tons of great deals, and I just search "free kindle books" and then go through the categories.
If you love to read like I do, but don't have the space for all the books you HAVE to read.. eventually, this is a welcome alternative.  There are free downloads for ereaders for other devices as well.  I read mine on my android or my windows laptop.  Happy readying.