So.....  It turns out that just "changing your routine" isn't quite as easy as it sounds.  I did not accomplish all of my to-do-list from the other day. So now I just have MORE to do *rolls eyes*  I have a focus issue wherein, I'll start a task, notice something else that needs done or that interests me more........ and , what was I doing?  So sometimes little bits of several things get done but never completed.  More often than not though, lots of procrastination happens and nothing gets done :/  So I did some research on breaking and building new habits.

It seems there is no "cookie cutter" recipe to break bad habits and build new, but I got a few good ideas at least.  Oh, time frame... somewhere between 21 and 30 days is what you'll commonly find, but I'm just focused on making it a week, then the next.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves with this whole month idea just yet. 

  1. Apparently you can't or shouldn't just quit bad habits because they play some role in your psyche, who knew, instead I'm supposed to "replace" a bad habit with a good habit. I'm thinking uh, duh? If my bad habit is completely not being a morning person, but I really need to be able to get up and start the day and be productive, isn't that clearly replacing the "bad" habit (lover of sleep) with the "good" habit (insane supermom that runs on little to no sleep, but still functions somehow)

    But okay, I'll bite, whats next?
  2.    Start small with one habit to change at a time as to not overwhelm yourself.  OKay this one is hard for me because I just want everything fixed like right now, and all "perfect" and supermomyish.  You know like the other blogger moms that work full time from home, home-school their 15 children, maintain an insanely good and highly followed blog, cook, clean, hunt for their food and clean the winning game, perform brain surgery while teaching advanced algebraic equations..... whew okay maybe not ALL of that, but better than where I am right now (i e lazy slob)

    And my formatting and numbered list decided to not work for some reason but here it goes the last couple tips.

    3.    Remember to reward yourself when you accomplish and keep up with the new good habit.   Basically be my own cheering section every time I get up early or complete my list of to-dos for the day.  It makes sense though, we keep our "bad" habits because they fill some need, or something psychological apparently, so we have to make ourselves think the new habits are just as cool as the bad ones we are replacing. 

    4.  and 5.    Doing at least the smallest of things in the times you feel like you want to repeat the routine of the bad habit, and accountability is major leverage to help you along in changing habits.
    Essentially, when I feel Facebook or the TEDtalks website, things like that where I love to get lost and procrastinate, calling my name when I know I am supposed to be doing homework lets say.  I should stop myself from the fun stuff and do at least a little bit of what I know I am working on to better myself.  If I have reading to do, read a couple chapters depending on length.  If I have a paper to write, write at least a paragraph.  Supposedly our brains don't like to start a task like that and leave it be when you are "watching" your self, so that drives you to complete the task. 
    And accountability, well missery loves company so this one makes sense.  If you have a friend that is working on the same habit talk to each other about progress and set backs. I imagine even if they are working on something else, or not working on anything but a good sounding board that you are comfortable with it'll help still.

    So, I'm going to try and follow this model and not try to change too much too fast. I'll let you know how I am doing soon. :)


    Are there any habits you are working on to stop or pick up?  Any that you would like to but aren't currently?  I love hearing from readers

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