Christmas dinner traditional ham
I hope mine looks as good
My two little monsters just left for a weekend with their dad in NC for the holiday with that side of their family.  I'm always torn when they go away because:It's a potential to relax, do what I want, watch a movie without interruption or read. Oh, use the restroom alone! That's a big one, can't forget that one :)

But at the same time, I find myself thinking about them most of the time, what they are doing, are they enjoying themselves, are they behaving, have they eaten, what, and was it enough, do they miss me because I sure miss them. That sort of stuff.

So as an attempt to keep from worrying over my babies the entire week I have set some goals, I guess you would call them goals.  Here it is.

Even though it will just be myself and Mike (my s/o) here I have decided THIS will be the Christmas (actually first holiday of any sort ever) that I will prepare an entire holiday spread.  Traditional Christmas ham, cranberry sauce (but the real kind where you cook the cranberries and everything not that cranberry jello something another that comes out of the can keeping the containers shape.... yuck to that stuff)..... and I don't know what else to make yet, but I think being my first big holiday meal ever (and I don't cook much as it is) those two dishes are pretty lofty goals to begin with, don't you.

I'm also "planning", if I can keep myself to it, to clean the ENTIRE house, spring cleaning is coming early to our house and boy does it need it. 

Begin keeping a weekly schedule slash to do list, slash menu plan, slash whatever else I need to keep track of on a weekly basis, because lets face it I do well to keep track day to day.  What day is it anyway? ....

And finally on my list of goals or whatever I should call them, I plan to read without interruption, sleep in till I feel like getting up on at least one day (lets face it, it'll probably be every day), and to get to use the restroom all by myself!! 

I'll let you all know how this all turns out, and even give pictures

What do your Christmas break plans look like? Do you get to use the restroom alone? If so, congratulations and enjoy it, its a huge perk to kids being away.  Also, what does your Christmas dinner menu comprise of, because to be perfectly honest I haven't a clue what else to make.  I suppose we could live on ham and cranberry sauce for the week, but it'd be nice to have some variety. Ideas, I beg of you please.

Happy Holidays

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